Welcome to Computer Repairs Acacia Ridge
(Also known as Zoo Computer Repairs)

We’re more than just a business we’re deeply rooted in the Acacia Ridge Community having serviced the area for over 20 years.
Founded in 2010 by Robert Krajnyk our mission is to help customers who need Computer Technical support in a caring, compassionate and understanding way.
While our speciality is Tech and we understand it very well, we know what it’s like to not be an expert on something.
Ever felt like you’re nodding your head in agreement to someone that you understand what they are saying because you’re too scared to say you don’t?
So often computer experts and other professionals don’t explain things clearly and forget that although they are experts in their field other
people may not. The problem with Computer repairs and tech professionals is that there is NO barrier to entry. Anybody can start a business with
little to no experience and claim that they are an Expert. We’ve even heard a butcher entering the field and posting fake qualifications for being a
Microsoft Certified Professional. The reality your computer contains your life and everything about you on it. You need to know you can trust someone,
you need to know that it is in safe hands, but you also need to know the person knows what they are doing and have some type of qualifications. We
work really hard on our reviews which you can read by clicking on here word of mouth. We are extremely competitive with our hourly rate
and 90 % of the issues we fix are usually done in the first hour however we usually cap most jobs at a limit of 3 hours. We’ve just started introducing a
call-out fee of $20 due to the rising cost of living which is our first price change in 10 years

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Your Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
and Expert Computer Repair Service in Acacia Ridge.

We are a leading installation company servicing Brisbane for customers who want proper installation work done by a master security technician – that is, the installer you will have onsite is not an apprentice or cheap labour and is fully licensed, qualified, and insured. Having a licensed installer ensures that you have the best placement, follow local legislation and can optimise the security system setup for your needs. Check out our reviews on our about page for more information of why you should choose us for your security in Acacia Ridge.

Have you ever needed a business or a tradesperson
but not known where to start or where to look?

Sooner or later everyone needs assistance from a skilled professional. But how do you find the right person? You could search an online directory, the phone book, a newspaper or the internet, but there’s really no way of knowing who you can trust. Will they show up on time? Will they do a good job? Will they be honest with you? Will they charge fairly? The truth is, you have no way of knowing. Unless you have a personal recommendation, it’s impossible to tell how reliable, honest or fair any tradesperson or business might be. That’s why here at Computer Repairs Acacia Ridge we focus on Reviews. We believe that reviews on an externally hosted website can show a potential customer how honest a business can be – as they are unable to remove reviews if it is hosted externally. And most importantly – get the job done right, the first time, without a big headache and an even bigger bill. WOMO (World of Mouth Online) is an essential tool for helping Aussies connect with reputable businesses and to avoid the cowboys. Use it, and pass the word along. Check out our reviews by click here.

Why “No fix = no fee” is dangerous nonsense. Our diagnostics charge – a proper service at a fair and honest price

A lot of the times we can provide a quote but sometimes It’s tricky to know whats wrong with it. Don’t fall for the No Fix No Fee Trick.

Diagnostics Charge

We are serious, skilled engineers. We aim for honesty and practicality with everyone we serve.

Technically, we can fix almost any issue. The main concerns for our clients are cost and how long it will take.

In 96% of cases, we successfully repair devices. This success comes from our skill and over 23 years of experience. We are clear with our clients about the repair process and its feasibility. We avoid making guesses without thorough diagnostics. Guessing could lead to costly errors for us and our clients.

Without opening a device, no engineer can guarantee a repair. Sometimes, a repair is not feasible due to part availability or cost-effectiveness. For instance, it’s hard to know if a fault is due to a cheap cable or an expensive motherboard without diagnosing. Our service informs clients about the repair costs and necessary parts. This avoids unnecessary risks. Even simple issues can seem major, like a cheap fuse stopping a car. Would you discard a valuable device over a minor issue?

Our diagnostic fee covers the cost of examining and testing your device. It is less than the full repair cost. This fee pays for the technician’s time and expenses in diagnosing your device. We will inform you about any charges and seek your approval before proceeding.
“No Fix, No Fee” is a flawed concept. It encourages minimal effort in diagnosing problems. It seems like a good deal, but it’s misleading. Such policies discourage thorough examination, leading to premature declarations of a device as “unrepairable”. We commit to thorough diagnostics because it’s the right, careful approach.

In reality, companies can’t afford to spend time on complex diagnostics if they might not get paid. This means they might quickly label a device as “unfixable”. This approach can result in fixable devices being discarded. It’s wiser to invest in proper diagnostics to avoid missing a simple repair solution. Buyer, be aware of the risks of “no fix, no fee” policies.

Charging What Your Worth

A woman went into a cafe in Paris and she saw a man across the room, who she recognised as Pablo Picasso.She sits and watches for a while as he scribbles on a napkin before tossing it to the side as his coffee arrives.She musters up the courage to go over and approach him…

“Monsieur Picasso”, she asks, “I love your work! Could I possibly have that little drawing you’ve just made on the napkin over there?”

“Yes of course Madame, that will be 10,000 francs”

The woman, outraged, replies “10,000 francs?! But it only took you 30 seconds to draw that!”

“No, my dear” Picasso replies. “It has taken me forty years to

draw this in 30 seconds.”

This is why we have a minimum of 1 hour for jobs.  Just because a job is done quickly doesn’t mean it was a simple job but because we are trained enough to know how to fix it quickly.

Our Brands of Expertise

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

Our Laptop Technician specialises in Hardware repairs and does around 50+ jobs a week. He also operates on a system board level and is one of the few technicians in Brisbane that do. We also have the bigger companies in Brisbane that use us to do their laptop repairs and then invoice their customer’s through their company. Get our Laptop Technician to give you a quote today.


Our clients love us! And we hope to hear from you soon!

Viorel Ianculvici
Viorel Ianculvici
Came within 1 hour after needing someone desperately to send invoices to my customers. Prompt, professional and fixed the issue, thank you.
Diana Carvajal
Diana Carvajal
I got scammed and Robert came on a Saturday night as I was distressed. he was very helpful and reassuring and I'm at peace that my phone is protected
Frances Desmond
Frances Desmond
We contacted Rob at Zoo Computer Repairs after being involved in a scam The service was excellent, fast and very well explained. I would highly recommend Rob for any computer related services Frances Desmond
The service I received was excellent the problem was fixed and the technician was informative and very polite. I would recommend this company.
Jean Miller
Jean Miller
Excellent service and attention in every respect. Virus removal done remotely on the weekend without charging me extra. Thank you.
rachel langton
rachel langton
Robert was extremely flexible fitting me in with remote access assistance. Professional and efficient, he was able to assist with my computer issue and offer advice regarding virus protection in the future. Thankyou Robert
Greg Smith
Greg Smith
thanks to Robert who assisted us remotely after getting new phones and sorting out our syncing issues with photos. For someone who lives in analogue world, digital help is often required but he exceeded my expectations. Thanks Robert
Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
Very pleased with the service and the patience shown to us. We had struggled to move out photos over from the phone to the computer, and Robert showed us an easier way of doing so that involved using the cloud. We would strongly recommend using this company. Robert explained things to us in a way we could understand what we had to do.
jon borovsky
jon borovsky
Very accommodating to customers of all computer levels. Robert's been to my house twice now over the past year to fix issues for me and i couldn't be happier with the experience. He is understanding and approachable.
David Buxton
David Buxton
Service spot on and Prompt, was infected with malware and Robert came over and got it removed from my machine and also gave me a year worth of virus scanner and explained everything to me in simple terms so that I can understand and not get scammed again.

Affordable, Custom made websites for your small business for under $1000


Australian dedicated hosting for sole traders, Tradies as well as small businesses all over Australia


Our website dedicated to cleaning up viruses, Malware and spyware from your machine


Ensure your computer is running as fast as it can be with a regular yearly tune up where you can see the results

HAMID SHARIF (Technician)

Hamid Sharif has been working for Zoo Computer Repairs for the last 7 years.  Hamid’s speciality is with Computer hardware, specifically both Laptops as well as Mac Computers.  Hamid has amazing attention to detail and incredible honesty and integrity – which are the two traits that stand out.  Multiple times, he has fixed a laptop or Mac that other companies have said can’t be fixed and is always fair on his pricing.   Hamid specialises in water damage computers, screen replacement, hinge repairs, battery issues, charging port repairs, and computer overheating issues.  You can get Hamid to quote you for your job by clicking on the Laptop/Mac Quote at the top of this site.

ROBERT KRAJNYK (Head Technician)

I was 17 years old when I got a job working at the Helpdesk of IBM Australia, which made me one of the youngest employees in the company at the time it was a dream come true for me as IBM was the foundation for the IBM-compatible PC we all use today and it is where I learnt a lot of my troubleshooting skills.  My Experience and expertise lie in software and troubleshooting issues such as slow computers, malware, spyware and virus removal, Outlook and email issues specifically migrating customers away from their Bigpond / Optusnet email address, general Windows troubleshooting as well as teaching people how to use their computer in a caring and compassionate way.

0410 659 349