I Need help, how do I get in contact with you?

Great – so you’ve read the about us page and you’d like to use our service.  We can be contacted via mobile phone number or text message direct to the head technician’s mobile phone number or if you need a laptop or Mac repaired and you know what’s wrong with it, for example, a broken hinge, a broken screen, keyboard not working, please fill out the quote button below.  We ask for these types of repairs to be filled out so that we have all the information and correct details and don’t give an incorrect quote.  If you’re unsure what is wrong or wish to speak to someone instead, please Don’t hesitate to call us on 0410 659 349 otherwise, if you’d rather message than talk please get in touch with us with the below details.


Laptop and Mac repairs are getting harder to do and a lot of repair companies will outsource this work to someone else.  We process approximately 40 Laptop repair jobs a week and we also white label our services to other computer repair companies who then markup the cost.  If you are able to wait for our quote which will be delivered the same business day you can ensure that your getting a quote from the company who is actually doing the repair itself and not passing anything on.

Contact forms can bring massive amount of spam every day so by providing these forms it makes it easier to combat spam as most spammers won’t take the extra effort to fill them out.  If you’d like one of these for your website or experiencing similar issues let us know.

Viorel Ianculvici
Viorel Ianculvici
Came within 1 hour after needing someone desperately to send invoices to my customers. Prompt, professional and fixed the issue, thank you.
Diana Carvajal
Diana Carvajal
I got scammed and Robert came on a Saturday night as I was distressed. he was very helpful and reassuring and I'm at peace that my phone is protected
Frances Desmond
Frances Desmond
We contacted Rob at Zoo Computer Repairs after being involved in a scam The service was excellent, fast and very well explained. I would highly recommend Rob for any computer related services Frances Desmond
The service I received was excellent the problem was fixed and the technician was informative and very polite. I would recommend this company.
Jean Miller
Jean Miller
Excellent service and attention in every respect. Virus removal done remotely on the weekend without charging me extra. Thank you.
rachel langton
rachel langton
Robert was extremely flexible fitting me in with remote access assistance. Professional and efficient, he was able to assist with my computer issue and offer advice regarding virus protection in the future. Thankyou Robert
Greg Smith
Greg Smith
thanks to Robert who assisted us remotely after getting new phones and sorting out our syncing issues with photos. For someone who lives in analogue world, digital help is often required but he exceeded my expectations. Thanks Robert
Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
Very pleased with the service and the patience shown to us. We had struggled to move out photos over from the phone to the computer, and Robert showed us an easier way of doing so that involved using the cloud. We would strongly recommend using this company. Robert explained things to us in a way we could understand what we had to do.
jon borovsky
jon borovsky
Very accommodating to customers of all computer levels. Robert's been to my house twice now over the past year to fix issues for me and i couldn't be happier with the experience. He is understanding and approachable.
David Buxton
David Buxton
Service spot on and Prompt, was infected with malware and Robert came over and got it removed from my machine and also gave me a year worth of virus scanner and explained everything to me in simple terms so that I can understand and not get scammed again.

Opening Hours

We are open

from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.,

7 Days a week, including public Holidays.

Sometimes, we have limited staff during non-business hours and may book out earlier than usual. 

Despite our name, we don’t just do Computer Repairs

(Although it’s the most searched term for when people need help with their tech) – we also offer the following services that customers didn’t realise we could help them with.

Do you own a business in Annerley?

When you pay someone to help to rank your website (SEO), they do multiple things to increase your presence on Google.  One of these things is building backlinks to your website so that Google knows that other people know that people are talking about your business online.  In doing so your website starts to rank higher as a result.  If you are a new or established business in Annerley, we would love to give you a backlink to your website to support other small local businesses in Annerley.  Simply contact us via the General enquiries form and we will get back to you and list your business on our website for free.  Otherwise, if you need Affordable SEO services for small businesses, we can also help with that. 


If you don’t have a website and want one made, let us create a website for you, we can assist with setting up a domain, creating a professional-looking email address and even hosting your website in Australia as opposed to the bigger companies that have servers and tech support overseas which can be extremely frustrating to deal with especially when your business depends on these services. 


Affordable, Custom made websites for your small business for under $1000


Australian dedicated hosting for sole traders, Tradies as well as small businesses all over Australia


Extremly affordable packages to get you ranking on Google


Check the availability of a website name or register one

Is your Computer Slow or do you think that you might have a virus?

When did you last get your computer serviced and tuned up?  Did you know that computer viruses and malware may take months before virus scanner companies discover them and issue fixes to remove them from your computer?  In this time viruses and malware can be on your machine despite your virus scanner saying your machine is completely clean.  When we clean and tune up your machine – we can discover items that are loading up that may look clean but are instead malicious programs that are on your computer.    In Addition to that we can increase the startup times on your computer and show you how much faster we have made it.  Check the below examples for how much smoother we have made older computers.

Loading from 87 Seconds to 40 Seconds


Our website dedicated to cleaning up viruses, Malware and spyware from your machine


Ensure your computer is running as fast as it can be with a regular yearly tune up where you can see the results

Slow Computer or Slow Internet? Find your download speed in Mbps.

This shows how fast your internet is, and it should be relatively close to the speed you’re paying per month, although this is determined by multiple factors, which we can also help with.

See us on
Channel 9

See us being interviewed by Channel 9 over slow internet speeds!

Your Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
and Expert Computer Repair Service in Annerley.

We are a leading installation company servicing Brisbane for customers who want proper installation work done by a master security technician – that is, the installer you will have onsite is not an apprentice or cheap labour and is fully licensed, qualified, and insured. Having a licensed installer ensures that you have the best placement, follow local legislation and can optimise the security system setup for your needs. Check out our reviews on our about page for more information of why you should choose us for your security in Annerley.

0410 659 349